Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hard, Hard, Hardest

Wow the CF HQs really through me for a loop when they posted Open WOD #4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
120 pound Overhead squat, 30 reps
10 Muscle-ups

I was Not surprised to see Burpees but was surprised to see a movement we have already done already = OHS!  It looks like everything will be an AMRAP.  That is ok by me, In fact its been good for me.  I used to hate the AMRAP now that we have done it so much in competition I am much more comfortable with it.   Its all about the right pace.  

So in yesterday's post I mentioned its all about what is in your head.  Take a look at this video.  Was there any doubt in your mind that this guy was in the "State" as Tony Robbins would say, and there is no doubt that this bar is going up.  Click on the link - Dude in the state 

Strength: Shoulder Press – Work to a heavy 3 but not a 3RM  - 4 X 3 at 135lbs
10 min AMRAP
15 Push Press 95/65
30 Air Squats

7 rounds plus 20 reps.   The Press is what got me as i had to break it up.


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