Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cockiness never leads to anything good - JohnnyD's Craic

As I walked in the door at Crossfit Craic my buddy Dennis said Oh you had to show up because this WOD is named after you.   It's kind of amusing to have the WOD named after me as people assume that you must like it.  Well John created this one and named it after me after a epic Double Under meltdown in the last round of a 5 exercise 2 minute drill.   I was actually beating John and Bill until I fell apart and couldnt swing the rope around with out whipping myself with it.

Warm Up was a 2minute Double Unders - Hit 141.  I just looked back and found out I could only do 59 back in 2009.  Can you say pathetic?

Johnny D’s Craic

KB Swings 55/35
Double Unders

So I got way to cocky on this one.  I though man this might be too easy.  Maybe I better put on a 20lb vest so its a little work.  Well this WOD walked up and b*tch slapped me for being overconfident.  The first 50 swings went down fine.  The double unders were ok.  When I went to pick up the KB the 2nd round it felt like it was bolted to the floor.  I was thinking what the hell happened.  There was no explosiveness from the hips at all...  From there it was downhill.  In fact i was thinking this many reps is a nuisance.   That all said I stuck with it.  Final Time was 12:16.  I was thinking this could be a 7 minute workout by the cyborgs for sure.

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