Sunday, June 18, 2017

Home Straight Row Series 2017 - 2nd Attempt

Woke up this morning and my legs felt like wood.  Never a good thing when you have a comp to do, online or otherwise.    Met Anthony and Danny and did a slow warm up.   Didnt feel great still but knew that I had a score already on the board so that if I crashed and burned it wouldnt really matter.

  • 2A - Home Straight Total Time (3k)
  • 2B - Home Straight Final 1k Time
No matter how bad I feel lately I have been able to rally to get myself into the game so to speak.   Once I begin, I start to set little milestones that if I can meet will allow me to stay focused and moving.   I felt pretty good in the first 1k and tried to conserve in the second 1k and then go for it.


10:46 vs 10:56
3:33 vs 3:40
3:37 vs 3:40
3:36.1 vs 3:36.2

All around improvement

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