Monday, May 11, 2015

Strength Work

Feeling better but my head is still really congested.  The 400m warmup run was way harder than it normally is.  If todays programming had a metcon I would not have been able to do it but since it was a strength day it was do-able.

Good warm up

When i looked at this online I thought that wont be bad.  I dont know if it was just me trying to get over my cold or it was the wod, but either way it put me on my back!

Every 6mins for 5 Rounds
A1) 10 Front Squats - increase weight every round
A2) Max Effort Ring Pullups or Ring Rows

 Did this backwards
             String Ring Pullups     10 Front Squats
Rd1           13                                165
Rd2             9                                170
Rd3             7                                185
Rd4             8                                190
Rd5             7                                195

Made a new friend! One of Dedham's finest.

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