Sunday, May 3, 2015

Metro-West Masters Comp @Crossfit SOBO

The Calm before the storm
Really excited to do this Masters Comp at Crossfit Sobo.  Rob O and his wife Fabiana run a great box and a just really nice people.  Even more happy to be joined by Anthony Demusis.
You will have 6 minutes to establish a 2 RM Thruster.
Opened with 185lbs, moved to 195lbs and got that as well.   Went to 205lbs and got that as well.   I had 2 minutes on the clock but took the time to look around and recognize that I didnt need to go higher.  Great start especially after failing at 205lbs in my practice a few weeks ago.

At the end of the 6 minutes you will have 60 seconds to set your bar up for:
10 Deadlifts (125/85 40-54)
10 Burpees Over the Bar
You cannot start to set up your bar for the AMRAP until the 6 minute mark. The AMRAP 5 will start at the 7 minute mark.
I got no repped on a few of my Deadlifts for not having my shoulders back but still put in a quality effort and got 116 reps - 5rds plus 16 reps

This is exactly where I wanted to be after two events as the next one was a long row and wasnt going to be in my wheel house. 

For Time,
1000M Row
30 Cleans (95/65 40-49)(85/55 50-54)(75/45 55+)
30 Box Jumps/Box Step Ups (24/20" 40-54)(20" 55+)

All competitors must start standing behind their rower.

As the WOD countdown went from 3, 2 to 1 my rower shut off.  My judge started furiously punching buttons, but it took 18 seconds before he had it ready to go.  I tried to stay calm but my first 100 was way faster than I planned.   I managed to get off the rower 2nd but could never make up the ground on the athlete in the lane next to mine.  Got no repped on the box jumps for failure to open hips once or twice.  Time - 6:32   The guy next to me beats me by 1 second.  Better than expected.

Anthony was really looking forward to this wod and was the first athlete off the rower but couldnt hold off Drew Carnase the coach and owner of CrossFit Resilience who was a machine on the cleans and box jumps.  Both had amazing times of 6:05 and 6:25.

So just as we were about to begin WOD 3 Anthony  points out that when we did WOD3 in our prep training we missed the end part of the sandwich which was the 2nd G2OH, oh shit.   Pacing this one would be even tougher.

ROUND 1: From minutes 0:00-2:00 complete - 6 GTO (95/65 40-49)(Double Unders or 50 Single Unders, 6 GTO. If you complete all reps, you move on
ROUND 2: From minutes 2:00-4:00 complete 9 GTO, 25 Double Unders or 50 Single Unders, 9 GTO. If you complete all reps, you move on
ROUND 3:From minutes 4:00-6:00 complete 12 GTO, 25 Double Unders or 50 Single Unders, 12 GTO. If you complete all reps, you move on
ROUND 4: From minutes 6:00-8:00 complete 15 GTO, 25 Double Unders or 50 Single Unders, 15 GTO.

Round of 6 and 9 no problem.   Round of 12 in retrospect I went to slow on my first set of 12 and then tripped up on my double unders.  This put me back at the bar with less than 15 seconds to go.  As much as I hammered I only 6 or 7 reps into the 2nd round of 12 for 201 reps. Huge bummer.

Still I only finished 2nd by 1 rep.

Ok So I had been telling Sean Rockett there was no way that I would be excited for any of the movements or even the final in general.  Well Fabiana proved me wrong with an amazing and creative final wod!  Its was a sprint and right up my alley.

Final WOD top 5 athletes
21 reps of lunges with 95lb bar - First 4 athletes finished move immediately to rower and do
15 calorie row - First 3 athletes to finish move immediately to Thrusters
9 Thrusters - first 2 upon finishing run to far end for
Kettlebell carry to finish line!
I was really worried about getting to the rower first as the calorie row would be my weakness.   Absolutely hammered thru the lunges and got to the rower first.   I wanted to save my legs for the thrusters so did a mostly arms row (Jarrod please do not watch the video you will cringe)

Got to the Thrusters first and had close to 5 reps done before Jim Bleakley
from Daybreak crossfit started.  Then a final dash to finish line.

So ended up with 3 firsts and 2 second places. Not a bad result considering I havent competed in over 2 years.

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