Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Partner WOD

9am Class -two days in a row with Susie!  Coach Johnny Mac two days in a row as well.

Great warm up
600M run
6 minute amrap
5 Pushups
10 KBS
15 Sit-ups

Mobility work

 15min AMRAP
Partner Workout
15-Unbroken Deadlifts 155/105 - sub 185lbs
350m Row
*Partner 1 does a full round while Partner 2 is resting

3 men in the class so we paired up (Sean and Colin) with 2 working and 1 resting .  I did 185lb deadlifts.   Colin and I went head to head and I was able to get thru the deadlifts and transitions a little quicker.  Sean started as soon as I finished
We got in 4 rounds  and Sean got thru 4 plus the 15 deadlifts and 240 meters.   Good work all around.

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