Monday, February 16, 2015

CraicWood WOD post Snowfit

After two straight days of SnowFit my hands and right bicep are practically out of commission.   Add in a beat down warm up and pull and push drills and I was ready to head home.

1 min
Wall sit

Pulls push Drills Rings, Dips

12 min amrap
1000m row
50 box jumps
40 wall balls
30 pull-ups
20 c2b
10 muscle ups

Loads of people in the class and only 5 rowers so we started every 4 minutes or so.  This was fine except when you couldnt remember when your 12 minutes were up.  I got to the C2Bs Not sure how many in the 12 min.   Just keep going and finished all 20.

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