Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rowing, Sit-ups, Thrusters, Oh My

The 12 days was a good workout yesterday but it didnt beat me up too badly.  Anthony joined us since it had some rowing and he was definitely the man to try to beat.   I teased him that we should up the weight every round and he said that's not how it was programmed.  Not that we ever are so rigid to not swap them up it wouldnt be fair to change it just for an advantage. 

1000 m row
21 reps of sit-up (abmat
15 reps of thruster at 95/65 lb
750 m row
18 reps of sit-up (abmat)
12 reps of thruster at 95/65 lb
500 m row
15 reps of sit-up (abmat)
9 reps of thruster at 95/65 lb

 Time 12:57  Anthony beat me by 1 rep.  He did a 12:55.  A lot of fun to try to stay close.
Row Comparison

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