Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rentry - Filthy Fifty

I have been out of the gym since last Thursday with an upper respiratory infection and laryngitis.   It really wiped me out. Spent the weekend in bed and tried to take it easy all week , although I did have a trip to MSP for a Salesforce world tour event. 

I was really considering not going to the gym today as I was still fairly tired but I havent seen the Saturday gang in a while and really enjoy their company.

Walking over I knew that I needed a wod that wasnt super intense for my first day back and for some reason filthy fifty came into my mind.   It was long but one that is good for even pacing.

 My time 24:59 compared to my PR at 21:18    I did it almost 6 years to the day on 12/12/08 and did it in 23:43.  So only a minute and change slower not too bad.
My new kicks courtesy of the Klein's

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