Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Last chance for Shamrocked

 This is how my day started.  I really wanted to do this WOD  and the 5:30 am Class had a throwback day and a lot of the old regulars were in the house including Anthony, Andrew and Anthony.   I was on my way to a  Charlestown school as part of the Big Cheese reads program.  Worthwhile event but sad to miss the wod anyways.   Made a plan to try to make it home in time for the 7:30 class.  The best part was I was going to know the score to beat for the day.  The downside is that I am not used to training at that time of the night.   

Colin got us good and warmed up. With the following mini wod.

Warm Up
Run 200m
10 Jumping Air Squats
10 Hip Extensions
10 No Pull Pullups
10 Boot Strappers


30-Goblet Squats
40-KB swings
30-Box Jumps

 Small class, feeling a little tired but knew the time to beat was the following:

1. Joe - 11:24
2. Eric G 11:45
3. Anthony 12:09

I knew that I had to manage the first run carefully.  Then try to go unbroken as much as possible.   First Goblet squat my patellar tendon was cramping or something. Huge distraction.  Then it was fine.   Surprised how good the burpees felt.  Not easy by any stretch but I wasnt completely wrecked.  Drove hard on the final run.  11:34   10 seconds behind Joe who is suppose to be strong as an ox.

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