Thursday, January 24, 2013

Work or Rest

I was thinking about taking an extra rest day but Jason Gold from Craic was in town and I thought it would be fun to train with him at Lalanne's so I decided to do the class.  


Band Drills - we had bands around ankles and above knee and did about 10 minutes of work.  My piriformis was certainly screaming!
3 rounds

Practice Pistol dill
Step Ups

Great warm up and especially the pistol drill which worked on stability and balance.

 7x2 Deadlift

I had done this with the class last time I was in SF on Jan 9

Good warm up and I was getting after it.

1st Round = 2@355
2nd Round = 1@355 and then came up lame.  I felt something pull in my Left Oblique.   This wasnt just a minor thing as it took my breath away.  I tried to stretch and see if it would loosen up and I had no luck.    I out my weights away and considered doing the wod but realized that would be a bad idea as it was really bothering me.  I hate to leave class injured and early.   Very disappointing.  Im hoping a recover quickly.

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