Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 2 of sim comp

This was a complete shit show.  I had intended to do the 2nd day of the simulation on Sunday as my neck was bothering me but when I woke up I got the following message from my coach,  "I say try to get the workouts in today if you can cause that's what its going to be like on comp weekend. It's not so much your scores on the workouts I'm interested in most. Obviously that matters but how you recover and how you feel going into the last one of the weekend is a big thing." 
Well by the time I got that I no longer had the option of going to the Crossfit box early.  The box had two classes and I knew it was going to be a "Saturday Morning beatdown"   Options were even more limited as it was raining out.   I got there in the middle of a class with about 20 athletes doing a WOD with 7 different movements.   As you could imagine it was going to impossible to navigate my way through that to do my own thing.    My best chance was to try to get the 2nd WOD in during the classes warm-up.

WOD #5
30 MU's for time - 12min cap '

The rings were set up to low for me to have a good kip with out my feet touching at the bottom.  It started out well as I was doing sets of 2 and had 6 done in abut 45 seconds.  It slowed down from there with both some misses but also people in the first class putting equipment away and then the second class lining up in front of me to get their PVC pipes.  The clock seemed to go in hyper drive when that was happening but I tried not to get to stressed as it wasnt going to help.   Missed the cut-off as I only got 21 in 12 minutes.   I will attribute it to having buried myself yesterday as well as the constant stopping and distraction of the class.   I considered trying to get the Clean and Jerk in but the next class was bigger and the coaches were making most of the men set up outside even though it was still sprinkling.   Decided to cut my losses and head back to Hillsboro Club and get the ERG workout in.

WOD #6
1000m row X 3
5 minute rest between

I felt good in the first 1000m row for the first 200meters and then it go really hard. 

Rep 1 - 3:31/1:45.5 pace/33 damper on 5
Rep 2 - 3:45/1:52.9 pace/32 damper on 4
Rep 3 - 3:49/1:54.8 pace/ 27 damper on 7

Total 11:06/3000m/ 1:51 / 30 strks/min

Wont be able to get a max clean and jerk in unless I want to use a curling bar and Im a little concerned with going that route. 

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