Saturday, January 19, 2013

Norcal Masters Day 1

The trip over to Ricmond at 6:30am took no time at all.   I was there in 20 minutes.   The Craneway Pavillion is an awesome place to have a crossfit event.  Take a look at the photos.

The first wod was called a "YOUNGIN" and on paper it didnt look to bad.   It was 3 minutes to find your 1 rep max weighted pullup.  I had no idea what to go for as you could kip.   Warm area was small so there was a line of people trying to figure out their strategy.  You didnt want to try to many attempts and leave yourself tired for the 1 minute max Farmer carry. I warmed up at 53lbs - no problem but then went to 90 and failed.  When the WOD started I went right to 70 and nailed it.  Then I went to 88lbs and got that as well.   I added 10lbs and failed twice.  Its easy to say i should have backed off and tried 92.  After the 3 minutes was up we had 15 seconds to line up with our 2 70lb kettlebell and do a 1 minute AMRAP  You get one pt per 10m trip.  Score is total of  trips.  Both feet must go over line at turn of carry.  Now I had witnessed some major blow ups.  One dude drop both on the concrete floor and they went skidding into other competitors and almost took them out like bowling pins.  Another dude tried to dive the mat and almost crushed himself.  I tried to stay out on the end.  I got 12 trips.   I was pretty happy with both of those WODS.  They were scored combined and I finished 9th overall.

5 min EMOM
At the top of each minute for five minutes you will attempt:

Burpee over barbell ( must do at least one) and one snatch—one attempt per minute only for the Snatch

-Your snatch attempt can be a power, muscle or full squat. You must show complete control and once again, you will only get one attempt each minute. You will have as many Burpee over Barbell attempts as you would like. You must start with your Burpee over Barbell and once you attempt your Snatch you cannot return to the Burpee over Barbell.

Rest one minute while changing weights

5 min EMOM

At the top of each minute for five minutes you will attempt:
Toes to Bar (must do at least one) and one Clean attempt-one attempt per minute only for the Clean

-Your Clean attempt can be a power, muscle or full squat. You must show complete control and once again, you will only get one attempt each minute. You will have as many Toes to Bar attempts as you would like. You must start with Toes to Bar and once you attempt your Clean you cannot return to the Toes to Bar.You will be allowed to preload your bar.

50% is number of burpees plus toes to bar
50% is total weight lifted (snatch plus clean). If you failed a rep, you  get a zero for that minute.

So this one I practiced as there was a lot of strategy to it and I am glad i did.  When I did the Burpee over barbell I did them facing and jumped and turned.  In the even you could jump perpendicular to bar which is much easier.

OLY Smokes  Part 1 - 58 Burpees and 5 Snatches at 155. Very happy with that.  I power snatched it and actually was pretty efficient on all but 1.

OLY part 2 - I loaded another 50lbs to get to 205.   Toes 2 Bar went well. Made up some ground with this movement.

Round 1 - 16
Round 2 - 14
Round 3 - 10
Round 4 - 10
Round 5 - 10
Total of 60 T2B and 5 Cleans at 205.  I got a lot of attention from the photograpers and the MC for my toes 2 bar and even had TJ come over to tell me he was a Jamaica Plain or West Roxbury  kid funny how poorly my mind works after a wod.

I finished in 5th on both of those to put me in third.   I had to wait awhile to start this WOD as a guy slipped off the bar during T2B hit the chalk bucket and ended up with a laceration to the head and a broken collar bone.   After this event it seemed like ages before i would be back at it with the WOD called Hellenita.  I was looking forward to this one.   I made sure I ate and drank but when this wod came around I was really lacking energy.  I was hoping that when I hit the floor I would get a surge.  

Part A:
3 rounds for time:
Run 150m shuttle
10 swings (53/35)
5 pullups

Part B:
Immediate AMRAP that totals 10 minutes including the first three rounds.
Runs will be broken up into 25m lengths so athletes will shuttle run down and back 3 times per round to total 150m.
Scoring for the AMRAP portion: Each 150m run gets 12 points or reps.  Each 12.5m gets 1 point.
Each round of the workout is 27 points (12 for run, 10kb, 5pullup).
Score: 50%  Time for first three rounds
50% total reps in 10min.

So I started off well and was in 2nd place finishing the runs but I kept getting no repped on the swing.  The standard was that bent arms were fine just that the bell had to be straight up.  I wasnt panicking but the extra reps were putting me behind and wearing me down.  I managed to hold it together for Part A but Part B didnt go so well.  I was really sucking wind and at one point i lost track of the laps and started to swing the KB until my judge said you have another lap.   As bad as It went I wasnt  really that discouraged. In fact the media guys had a camera and mike and where asking me about coming out from Boston for the event. I told them I was really glad I came  and the only thing I regretted was the that wod not being 2 minutes shorter.   I have a much better appreciation for what pro;s must feel like.  I was really spent and could barely breathe and there they were ready to interview.  I was trying not to look and sound like an idiot, not sure I accomplished that or not. Hopefully that will end up on the cutting room floor.


Helenitca 1 - 6th
Helentica 2 - 8th

This dropped me from 3rd to 5th.

The last wod of the day was called a mini as well but didnt seem like one.  It was called WhipRSnapR.  Row 1200m plus ball slams in 6 minutes.  Athlete will row 1200m for males.  With the remaining time athletes will ball slam.  Score is based on as many slam balls as possible.  Judging standard is that the arms and legs must be fully extended with ball overhead every rep. 40-49 Males 50lb ball.  I haven't done ball slams in years and when I warmed up with the 50lber It felt like 200lbs.  That said I was confident going into the row as I have been doing a ton of that.  My technique still isn't that good but I had a good understanding of pacing.   Susie game the number to beat from the prior heat ( the minis they split us into smaller groups) and this is a huge benefit for me as  I am much better killing myself to hit a number versus just trying to see what you can do. 

My judge was amazing as well.  She was coaching me the entire row.  I think she made me at least 10-15% more efficient.  The 1200 meters took me about 4:28 and didnt wreck me so i was feeling pretty good about my chances.  Got 32 reps.  Very happy with the score. Good for 5th,  Leaving me at 5th for the day.

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