Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Considered but Rejected

I considered taking a rest day but I cant help myself I just enjoy going to the gym to start my day.


3 rounds
10 situps
10 presses

"Standing Lynn"     
 5 Rounds:            
 Max Reps Shoulder Press 
 Max Reps Pull Ups  

I considered doing 135lbs or 115lbs but then got smart and went with 95lbs.  Decided it would be smarter to take it just a little bit easier while trying to recover.

Round 1 - 15 -16
Round 2 - 15 - 15
Round 3 - 10-15
Round 4 - 14-15
Round 5  - 8-20 Not much rest in this round, hence the low press reps.

I just kept the pullups moving and didnt go near the edge since i was recovering

7 min  on the minute 

150m Row
with the time remaining burpees!

This was tough.  I was getting only 3-4 burpees per round

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