Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013+ with the ERG

The day started like any other day with an early trip to the gym.   Since Im still working through DOMs I decided that I would be better off doing Thursdays WOD even though it was going to brutal.  

Row 2k
rest 5 minutes
Row 2k

Simple but very difficult.  The 2k has never been my event.  I would like to be able to break the 7 minute barrier but at this point I have not done it.   I was satisfied with both rounds of the 2k.   The 7:20 was only 8 seconds off my PB and I went hard but didnt completely wreck myself.  The 2nd round I just didnt have a lot left to give. 

I stayed on to do the 9am class since Sean and Ronda Rocket dropped in today as Craic to check it out.   It was great to train with them as they were original members of CFNE when it first started in Dedham years ago.   It was just like the old days. 

Glen had us do a 2k meter warm up with a partner alternating every 100meters.   This was good because the short distance kept the pace high.  I was partnered with Suzzara and she was great to not give me a hard time if I went over the 100meter mark.   Even with all of the changes we still rowed a sub 7.  

In the partner WOD I was set up with Sean Rocket and Steve Mammone.  Man that Mammone can generate some serious wattage on the rower.   We all hit a good pace that we were able to maintain for the full time.

In teams of 3:

30min AMRAP
1 person working at a time, switch every 10 cals/reps
30 cal row
30 pushups
30 swings 70/44

10 Rounds plus 72 reps.  We were only 18 reps short of finishing 11 rounds.

I got some serious time on the rower today getting at a minimum 5k meters.

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