Saturday, January 12, 2013

Local Visit & Double

Went over to Crossfit Florian to see a few friends that I havent trained with in a long while.  I was very tempted to do the WOD they had programmed for their Competitor class.  It looked absolutely brutal as it was a FGB variation  - 3 rounds of 1 min T2B, HangPowerClean(@135lbs), Deadlifts(@225lbs) Burpee bar jumps, Wall Ball with 30lb ball and then 1 minute rest.  I had a girl goat plus WOD 4 from last years open.

Diane - 21-15-9

Deadlifts @225
Handstand Pushups

Finished the first round in around 2 minutes. The second round took me around 3+ minutes.

Total time - 9:28   I was hoping for closer to 8 especially after how good I felt on the first 12 HSPUs. Had 3 failed reps.  Should have stopped short but I was really getting greedy.   Took close to 2 minutes off my time from October.  

15 minute break.

2012 Open WOD #4

12min AMRAP
150 WB's
90 DU's
30 MU's

I really took a measured pace on the wall balls. I went 30 and then sets of 12, 10 or 8.   Last year I had done a 7:49 to complete the Wall Balls, this time it was 9 Minutes.  Double Unders went much better but I still only had 45 seconds for Muscle Ups.  Got 3 straight and then got 1 more but failed on my 5th attempt.   So just one rep less than the Opens.  Not bad considering I went to failure countless time on handstands so I had to really use my hips to get that wall ball to 10 ft.

244 REPs

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