Monday, January 7, 2013

Not quite ready for full re-entry

I was still dragging today even after a good nights sleep.  I looked at the WODs that they did at Crossfit 2A and wondered if I should do one of those as they looked brutal.   The smart decision was to follow the programing I have been given.  It was skill more than anything and it was all I could handle.

It started with Hang Squat Snatches and the key focus was to make sure that I didnt lean forward when I dipped and drove.   So I have this firm in my mind and Jarrod walks over after the first set and tells me that I need to stay back on my heels and not lean my chest forward.  I dont know where the block is but even when I know in my mind I am not suppose to lean forward I cant seem to stop myself.   Need to figure out the right que or technique to eliminate this flaw - ASAP.

Not a great session by any standards. More frustrating than anything else.  I least the OHS went ok.

A) hang squat snatch 5-5-5

95, 115, 125 (2)  Failed on 3, came back and did reps 4 & 5
B) snatch bal 3-3-3
95, 115, 125(2) F1!, not great depth but did 125(3)
C) OHS 1-1-1
125, 145, 165, 175

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