Sunday, January 13, 2013

Row & Clean and Press

My quads and hamstrings are sore today and I am walking around like the tin man.  I opted for an extra hour of sleep versus going in early to do the wod.  After trying to find someone to go head to head with and coming up short I decided to go in after the Open Gym hours.  Just a few people in the gym for private 1x1 training.  

row 1k
20 PC@75
20 PP@75

I was thinking that sub 20 was possible and I think that even at the rate I was working I would have been close if wasnt fumbling around in the second 1round setting the erg to count down from 1k.

Round 1 - 6:21 - 1k 3:40
Round 2 - 7:46    1k - 3:51
Round 3 - 7:05  1k - 3:45

Total time - 21:12

The challenge wasnt my grip but my lower back.  It was really tight coming off the rower.

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