Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot and Difficult @The Sandbox - Crossfit Hardcore

 Coach John has a Comp Simulation planned for me this weekend but this trip to Florida to connect with Susie and the boys put a a big monkey wrench in it.    On the off hand that the coaches at the Sandbox even remember who I am I sent them an email explaining the situation and asking if they could help me out.  Much to my surprise they remembered Susie and I.  I think it was pretty much because of Susie but that was ok by me.  They said come on in and we will figure it out.   A big Thank You to Gabby and Lori the coaches at the Sandbox!

I was super excited to set up outside after freezing my behind off for the last few weeks.   This outside set up soon  became more of a challenge than I expected.  First off it was 80 degrees and I was practically melting.  Not to mention that large bright object was burning my retina's out.  Put the sun glasses on and got after while the class was doing Max dead-lifts.

15 thrusters @135
30 KBS @70
45 BJ 24"
30 KBS
15 thrusters @135

The thrusters were the thing that was going to take the stuffing out of me. I hit this one knowing that I should probably break up all the movements so as not to redline myself right out of the gate. 

Round 1 - 10- 5 Thruster, 20-10 KB, Box jumps slow...., 20-7,3 KBS,  Thruster - 10-3-2
Total time - 12:28

Right after this was done I scrambled to get my next bar and weights set up so I wouldnt be in the way when the class wod started their wod.  I had about 15 minutes of rest and warmup before I hit the next wod.

I got this one totally wrong in terms of what would be hard.   I was expecting the Jerks to be difficult but it was the deadlift.  The deadlift totally wrecked me and left me very spent so I needed to compose myself before even starting the Jerks.
5 deadlifts @315
5 jerks @155 - bar is taken from the floor

8:30 -
When I was done I felt like I had been run over by a truck. Look at the photo, I look dead.

 My neck has been bothering me for the last 3-4 days and it immediately tightened up.  I was dragging even after lunch.  About 3pm I knew that If I wanted to get the last wod in I had to do it now.

My equipment wasnt perfect.  Had to use a smith rack for toes to bar  and a curling bar for my bar for power snatches as I had to do the last wod from the Hillsboro Club gym. Good news was I had the place to myself and it was out of the sun.   Bad news very difficult to kip cause the bar wasnt high enough. 

5 burpees
10 PC's @75
15 T2B

4 rounds plus 21 reps.  Toes 2 bar took me the longest.

Man these 3 wods have taken a bigger toll than I expected.   Im trying to decide whether Im better off rest tomorrow or just dragging through tomorrows wods.   I am so tired.  Worried that the soreness will make it worse.

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