Sunday, September 25, 2016


I wish I had done this wod earlier in the week when it was first posted.   Instead headed to the gym at 7:15am and gave myself 30-45 minutes to get one good shot at it before I had to leave for my soccer game.

Wodapalooza Online Qualifier - Event #1
For Max Load:
6 Unbroken Reps of the "Bear Complex"
1 x "Bear Complex"
Ground to Shoulder, passing through a Front Squat
Shoulder to Overhead from the Front Rack
Back Squat
Shoulder to Overhead from the Back Rack

As I was looking back through Comptrain Masters post and advice I realized I had done the warm up they suggested incorrectly as it related to the weights.   They wanted you to do one round plus a squat clean  at the weight you were going to attempt.  I used light weights for my warm-up and then just jumped up to it. Oops

 65,85,105,135 - 175lbs @ 2:58

We tied our game 1-1 although I thought we were the better team.   Tris game was up in NH and they tied 3-3.  He scored the tieing goal on a cracker in the upper 90. 

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