Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vicki's hot mess

Craic's Masters were back at it for the fall installation of fitness training.   Today’s workout combines a 1 Mile Run with the volume of Grace. This workout starts with 10 clean and jerks, followed by a 400M Run and finishes with 2 clean and jerks. The standard for the clean and jerks are ground to shoulder to overhead. In other words, you can power clean and push press the weight overhead. I have left the weight up to you to chose how you want to hit this. Go heavy? Go light? My recommendation, pick the heaviest weight you can perform unbroken. Since it is a descending rep scheme, the goal would be to try and hit every set unbroken.

Vicki's Hot Mess

10 Clean and Jerks (Ground to Shoulder to Overhead)
400M Run
8 Clean and Jerks
400M Run
6 Clean and Jerks
400M Run
4 Clean and Jerks
400M Run
2 Clean and Jerks
we added in a final 400m run

This was a fun wod and sprinted the last 200m to try to catch Jamie.

Time 14:15

After class spent more time working on my rowing.   Elected to do 2 X 750M.   First one was good.  The 2nd one I would have definitely eased up with Anthony coaching me thru the "hard part".

750m - 1:44.8
Rest 5 minutes
750M 1:47.5

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