Friday, August 19, 2016

Cross the middle of Mt Dessert Island - 11 peaks

Last night I was trying to find information on doing a cross island hike.  I know some folks have done it as they had articles in the newspaper but I could only find one blog last night.  Very surprised.   Got a later start then I had wanted so I skipped Champlain and started at bottom of Dorr.  First two peaks were not bad.   West Side trail down Cadillac was hard.  It took about an hour longer than I thought it would.  Well prepared on water/drinks but totally got the food side all wrong. 

Here is the route:

Here are the 11 peaks in photos:

I was expecting to see basketball legend Downtown Freddy...

Bald is Beautiful

Parked for a short time on this Mt Top.

Happy to be on Gilmore

The famous American Painter would have loved this mountaintop

Penobscott Mt

I need a bath the hike to this Mt top made me so sweaty

The view didnt burst my bubble

A nice of Range of Mountains so it would be redundant to tell you its Pemetic

Pink (granite) Cadillac

Break on Thru to the other side

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