Sunday, December 6, 2015

2k Row

Anthony needed some rabbits to chase for a 2k Row.   We had a good turnout - Dennis O, Rob P, Tom G, and Mark.   Anthony gave us a 45 second head start.  I was pretty tired so wasnt expecting any kind of PR but I always hope something spectacular will happen.   My plan was to pace my first 500 and go from there.  I thought I did but still couldnt sustain it and had the wheels fall off in the last 500.  Better pacing but still not good enough.  Way off my PR.   I would like to keep doing this to see if I can improve.

2k - 7:25

splits -

Well off my PR pace
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Tom Gormley

I dont feel as bad after looking at Tom's splits.  He fell off the pace pretty hard as well.

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