Saturday, October 31, 2015


Paul Teehan in the house!  Always good to train with Paul as he pushes us to the next level.   His elbow is wrecked so no pullups but everything else is fine.  He still crushed us even though he says he is out of shape.  We did Shamrock+ which is a longer version of the original shamrock with a row in place of run. I just realized i left the 30 Goblet squats as well.

“Shamrocked Plus"
400m Run  1000m-Row
30-Goblet Squats I somehow missed this when i wrote it on board
40-KB swings
30-Box Jumps
40-Situps 20lb med ball sit-up and trunk twist
400m Run  1000m-Row 



Next time I think we do 2 rounds

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