Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crossfit Naptown

While I wasnt excited about the WOD at all it was better than doing nothing.   Always tough to drop in when the WOD features Olympic lifting.   The coaches always feel compelled to critique the visitors form.  I should be appreciative but all I really want to do is get a workout in.  At this point Im not going to get better technically from 5 minutes of coaching.

Wednesday’s Workout:
Hang Power Clean Position 2
Advanced: 5×2 Every 2:00
Intermediate: Somewhere in Between
Beginner: Technique with Coach

Went from 135 to 185.  In my home gym I would have done the wod at 185lb but here visiting moved to 165lbs for the WOD

5 Rounds
3 Hang Power Cleans (225/135)
10 Deadlifts


That evening flew from Indy to NYC.

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