Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crossfit Bedford Hills

I was curious after yesterday's wod whether there we other crossfit boxes that had opened up near my
Mother-in-laws house.  I was excited to discover there were others and I had been right next to one yesterday without even knowing.   Better yet they had an endurance class.  I looked up the programming and it was generally a longish metcon.  Which are of course my favorites.  I got there early and the place was hoping.  A big crowd for a Sunday morning and a friendly crowd at that as everyone greeted me.   The place felt a lot like COD Dedham.

Mobility and Mash
Lax ball & roller work
Followed by 2 rounds of:

10 KB Swing - slow to get my Kb so ended up with a 70lber.  This would be an omen
10 MB Situps
5 Burpees

Next we did something called Rolling which was pretty cool.  We got on the rowers and the goal was to hit 100meters exactly.   You had to go hard and then know when to back off.  Got to within 1 meter in the practice round and couldnt get closer after that.  For every meter you went over you had to do a burpee.  Some of these people only did 5 meters over for all rounds!

The programing was Partner WOD. I dont think I have ever done 3 partner wods in a week.   Again the welcoming community played out and a guy named Dave came up and asked me to partner.   I would say age of these athletes was in the 30's and early 40's.

A very different partner wod, in a format that I dont believe I have every done before.  I was an immediate fan.  All reps aside from rowing were alternating. So no big rep counts and a rest but really constant work making it even harder. 

WOD - 25 Min AMRAP
50 Alternating burpees
2X250m Row/Plank
50 AlternatingKB Swings  @53
2X250m Row/Plank
50 Alternating Medicine Ball Pass Situps
2X250m Row/Plank

Dave and I were first on and off the rower and then we realized that we only had 1 KB. I went and snagged a 70lber and did the first round that way.  In the 2nd round I suggested that we do 10 reps and swap.

We got thru 1 complete round and just missed 2 rounds.   I jumped out the rower and did 156 meters.   One team got to 166.  So we lost by 10 meters.

I was a complete sweaty mess and lowed the wod and energy.  My only disappointment was not being able to stay for the mobility class that followed.

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