Friday, August 15, 2014

Suffer Score Part 1 Dorr Mt via Emery and Schiff

Today was the day to take a shot at the leader board for the Emery and Schiff trail segments up to   Dorr Mt.   I have been watching Michael Updegraff and Tom St.Germain absolutely lighting up the leader board on Strava.  I felt like I might be able to get into third place with a good effort but I knew I would be behind the 8 ball as I have never done the Emery trail so didn't know what to expect.  

I dropped SusieDiesel off at the ladder trail and then drove over to the start of the Emery Trail.  My trail was longer but not as steep so I thought I might be able to catch her but between dilly dallying when I got to the trail head and her crushing the ladder trail she was at the top for a good 10 minutes before I arrived.  Good enough for 4th place but no PRs on the top segment.  Makes me want to go back and go easy until the top segment. 

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