Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kettlebell beatdown

First time at Craicwood for a workout was the Sunday kettlebell class.  Always hard and always challenging.    Rode my bike over to get there. 



200m run
10 downward dogs
10 lunges
10 Press l/r
5 pullups

Weights: Men 44/35, Women 35/26
Complete for time:
Run 400M
24 Double Cleans
24 Racked walking lunges
12 Jerks
6 Strict Pullups
Run 400M
16 Double Cleans
16 Racked walking lunges
6 Jerks
4 Strict Pullups
Run 400M
12 Double Cleans
12 Racked walking lunges
4 Jerks
2 Strict Pullups

Rita thought it would take like 12 minutes.  I told her that I thought she was crazy and it would be more like 18 minutes.   Maybe 15 minutes if you were crushing it.    Pretty spot on as her boyfriend John finished in 14:46.   My time was 17:52

Stretch and Ride back to Dedham:

 Later that day Tristan and I went Paddleboarding on the Charles.  I wished I had worn my Garmin.  Definitely will next time.  Really amazed at how good Tristan is on the board. 

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