Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crossdit Naptown

It was great to show up in Indy and have the locals asking me what time I wanted to WOD and telling me they would pick me up and drive me. Talk about making it super easy. Big Thanks to Cindy Morse and DP for their hospitality.

Warm Up

800 M run
Line Drills

4 minutes of core work - Plank, Side Planks and Superman

Mashing with Bar

10:00 As Many Reps As Possible
Burpees over rower
*start each minute with 10 calories on rower
3:00 rest
10:00 AMRAP
Sit Ups
*start each minute with 50 meter run

I started with the run part and then did row part.

Total Sit-ups - 234
Total Burpees - 51

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