Saturday, May 19, 2012

Competitor Group Training

Crossfit Florian has a group of competitors getting together Saturday mornings before the regular classes.   This is perfect for my weekend training.   

3 Rounds
3 cleans
3 Jerks
15 back squats

rest 3 minutes

Beau, The Kid and Noe all started at 155lbs.  I knew that I would hit my top end a lot sooner so I started at 135lbs. 

135, 155, 185  then for kicks went to 205 got 2 cleans and then missed but then got the next and then did 2 Jerks and then did the next.   Im not in a state to push myself through at this point.

3 Rounds

20 Box Jumps
20 Swings

I probably should have skipped the run because of my calf problem but wanted to do the workout as designed.   It was fine for the first two rounds and then started to really bother me.  Box Jumps were restricted to step downs.

Total time 11:06,   The kid beat me by around a minute.

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