Sunday, May 20, 2012

Burpee 400m

I really wanted to ride with a group of friends this morning but after another late night I knew that I would benefit more from a good nights sleep.   This meant that I was on my own for a workout as Church conflicts with the classes at Craic and Florian.   

I did manage getting a ride in with Jack and Tris.  So that was fun.   Susie decided to do Griff after working the house tour so I joined her.   I brought the dumbells over to think up something but after doing a farmers carry to the track i wished i hadnt brought them :)  

I decided to do 400m of burpees.  I believe i saw a guy do a mile of burpees and that looked just dreadful so 400m in comparison looked like a cake walk.

Total Time 18:42

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