Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Misfire on Aphrodite

Aphrodite wods announced at midnight on Valentine's day with a week to get the workout in.  This is a bit problematic given my travel schedule this week so I decided to get it in this morning at Open gym at Craicwood.  

Actually 15 + 12 in round 3
Good warm-up through the body weight movements. 

Set up the station - get the iphone set-up - start the clock and start the first round.  Good so far.  The next thing I know the clock stops.  Damn 1 round done and now I have to start over.

Ok figure the clock out and start again.   Going well and then the stupid clock stops again.  WTF!

Round 1 -
Complete 2 Rounds
6 Front Squat @ 135/75
3 Muscle Ups

Done! 18 reps

Round 2
Complete 2 Rounds
8 Front Squat @ 135/75
4 Muscle Ups

Done!  24 reps

Round 3

Complete 2 Rounds
10 Front Squat @ 135/75
5 Muscle Ups

1 Round plus 12 reps

27 reps

Total reps - 69 reps

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