Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More fun & my favs

I was thinking that the only workout I was looking forward to this week was Wednesdays Row/Run.  Totally underestimated this one.  It was a lot of fun as it was a quick burner. 

No way to coast thru this class when I saw this post.  Good head to head battle

3-DH Pullup
10-Power Cleans
-Rest 5min-
6-Kipping Pullup
10-Lat Hop Burpees
-Rest 5min-
9-Chest 2 Bars

Part 1 - Anthony wins  I got the next 2.  His cleans were very good.  I have lost some strength but I dont mind.  

Part 1 - 4 
Part 2 - 5
Part 3 - 4 +19

The big surprise was to have both Anthony in the 5:30 and Christina to show up for 6:30am.  Two people who make Craic what it is.

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