Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Farm Fit

When I saw this wod last night I thought this is going to be one huge suck-fest.  Its a hard enough wod doing a farmers carry but then having to do Burpees every time you set them down just adds insult to injury.  The one upside is that it was a partner wod so you did get a break.  

My partner Steve Mammone leading us home
“Up Hill Both Ways”
1 Mile Farmer Carry

Every-time you switch partners or put down the KBs you both must complete 10 Burpees

So simple yet so hard.   I teamed up with Steve Mammone who was actually excited for this wod.  Whenever you have a partner excited for a wod you know you have picked the right partner.  Steve's first carry took us to the courthouse steps which was the 200m turnaround.   I felt like Steve really carried me in this wod.  He was like a machine.  As much as I hated this I would definitely do it again.

Time: 24:38

Photo's courtesy of Eric Klein - Crossfitter, Social Media maven, and Realtor Extraordinaire.  Follow him at https://www.zillow.com/profile/EricKleinRE/

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