Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rose with the Thorns

Susie was able to join us today for the first time in a real long time.  Arm is finally out of the sling and she was willing to get up at 7am!  The usual core of Rob, DennisX2, Steve and Anthony who was doing his rowing homework.   Rob sent me one we did a Florian awhile back and I mixed it up a bit so that I didnt get the full leg beat down before the game tomorrow. 

1000 m row
40 wall balls
30 t2b
20 burpees

750 m row
30 wall balls
20 t2b
15 burpees

500 m row
20 wall balls
15 t2b
10 burpees

This wod was harder than I remembered it even though we substituted toes 2 bar for jumping squats.


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