Monday, April 7, 2014

Smart Scaling

Definitely feeling yesterdays wod, i have had some kind of issue in my forearm for a number of weeks and all those rope climbs yesterday didnt help.   Was considering blowing off the 5:30 but knew if I did I wouldnt be getting a workout in.

Clean Practice
Build to a heavy Double

This didnt get excessively heavy as I was trying to dial in my form.  I also was having a hard time warming up.
2-Hang Clean
4-bar over burpees
Int:155/105, 4 Cleans + 4 OTB Burps

Scaled this to 155lbs.  Figured it would be a better idea to work on form and not tax the hell out of my arm.   Good wod but not one that totally crushed me.   Would have been very interesting as 4 cleans and then 8-10 burpees.

By the end I was nice and warmed up and ready to go. 

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