Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Triple Double

Good consistency and even though I am no where near crushing any of the workouts I have been doing I have been getting great joy from just being able to do them,  Im still limited what I can do in the gym and will be for at least another month so that I can really allow my foot to heal.  Its all good!

Morning ride with Tom Gormley.   They guy is on his cyclocross bike and still leaving me in the dust. After a year of completely killing myself in my training I am doing this for my complete enjoyment and nothing else.  I dont care if I get passed by a granny on a 3 wheeler. Okay that might bother me a little

Quick change for a short stop at Craic.  Quickly mobility work and then the following wod.

I think this is my new signature shot - photos with my feet in the frame.  #footphotos.

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