Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Last night i arrived home to a dark house, at first I thought everyone was already in bed at 9:30pm but I quickly came to the conclusion we had lost power.  Total bummer as it was hot and I was going to miss the Bruins game.  It was difficult to sleep without the hum of a fan or AC not to mention it was fairly warm.  

Dragging during the ride.  I though I would be OK because Tom's bike is in NH and he was on his cyclocross bike.  Fat chance on that.  Tom was strong and was setting a pace that I was having a hard time matching.   At one point I got shot straight out the back.   Normally this would get me down,  But at this point I am thrilled to just be exercising.

Quick change and over to Craic for a workout. Here is what they had programmed.   I had to scale.

OTM - 21 mins
1st - 1-3 Muscle ups/ 3-5 Pullups
2nd - 30 Double Unders /practice for 40sec substituted 20lb med ball trunk twists
3rd - 15 Kettlebell Swings@ 53 lbs

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