Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 2 of simple body weight wod

Took the last flight out of NY last night so that I could get a full day here in SF.   Heavy rains in NY made the trip to the airport a little stressful as the traffic was brutal.  The upside was I didnt have to wait around as I just got to gate before they closed it.  I flew JetBlue so that I could watch the US National Team play Honduras in a World Cup qualifier.  The team started slow but played a strong second half and picked up the 3 points with a 1-nill win.  The team has some depth now and is really playing well together.

Woke up to a beautiful day here in SF.  They put me in fantastic room here at the Vitale Hotel complete with its own roof deck so I did my morning workout on the deck.  Here is a photo of the view - fantastic! 

These wods from Max Capacity are a lot harder than they look on paper.  I'm not sure if its because I am in such lousy shape or they are just simply hard.

Today's was another 4 rounds 50 sec on - 10 sec rest

1. Elevated Pushups 27,21,17,15
2. Bird Dogs 34, 34. 31, 27
3. Squat Pulses 56, 53, 31, 27
4. Super mans 50, 50 ,50 , 50

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