Thursday, June 20, 2013

Red Eye Adventure

Last night I was on the red eye scheduled to leave at 11pm so that I could get back in time for a 9am meeting.  All was going per the norm - we boarded and settled in and then all of a sudden they had us all get off the plane so that they could go and test something.   Two hours later they made an announcement that everything was AOK and to line up. So we lined up and then 30 minutes later they said well things didnt actually check out and we are arranging for a different plane at a different gate.  We all line up at the gate and they tell us it will be another hour.   When we do finally get moving its well after 2:30am and we wont land until close to 11am.   Upside was I was out like a light and got a solid 5hours of sleep.

Boat Race WOD
20 min AMRAP
500M Row
400m Run - substituted 2 min on the Airdyne

1 - 1:39.6
2 - 1:53.4
3 - 1:49.5
4 - 1:53.1
5 - 1:55.0
Total - 9:13.6   Avg 1:50.7

2 min airdyne between rounds

Then I did my Max Capacity WOD - Didnt keep score. Tried to do good movements.

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