Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mike's Grave Stone Blessing

After the morning workouts we went down to Bedford to see Susie's mom as the gravestone was installed and we arranged for a blessing on sunday.   Tris is on the Cape with his a friend so its seems a little strange.

When we got there I was exhausted from the workouts and drive but Jack wanted to go over to Westmoreland Sanctuary for a hike.   Now normally its impossible to get these guys to do anything but of course when I am dead tired they want to get some exercise.  
We had a nice dinner at Truck and Susie recognized Rob Thomas, I had no clue.
It was a nice blessing and Rev Terry always says the right thing. 

While we were there I test rode the S5 and R5 and ended up getting a sweet deal on the Cervelo R5!

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