Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old school WOD & Foundation Event

At dinner last night the talk turned to Crossfit and Susie generated a lot of interest in crossfit as well a request to take a couple from work through a workout.   Morning rolled around and Susie needed to get some sleep so I was on my own to pick a wod and coach them through it.

Morning Wod on the lawn

It was really fun to pick and old school body weight wod and do it for nothing more than the challenge and fun of it.




So the guy I was doing it with said - that's it?  He pushed himself but it was foreign to him that we could be done so quickly.   I programmed another little wod.


3 Rounds of
250M Run
10 Tuck Jumps
10 walking lunges

Felt good aside from right knee.  Right knee is still messed up behind the knee. Lots of time to find the issues and address.

We had a team building event which consisted of 24 groups trying to write a song/jingle using as
Siera our coach!
many salesforce statements as possible.   The fun part was that we brought a group of high schoolers in to act as our coaches.   This was a fantastic event and my team was one of the 4 teams that made it to the finals.   The had told the students that the winner would get the instrument of their choice.  In typical fashion we gave every student who participated in the event the instrument of their choice.  They were all thrilled.  All 24 of them were jumpimg around yelling and crying tears of joy.
These kinds of events are why I joined salesforce in the first place.   I love how that aspect of the company is not only universal but such a priority for all groups.

Tonight was the gala event with the 60's theme.  Usually I am not into these things but I thought it sounded fund.   Additionally I was looking forward to hearing who the band would be as they kept a tight lid on it and although their was rapent speculation no one guessed it was going to be TRAIN!  Here are some photos from tonights party.

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