Sunday, April 7, 2013

Its all over - and I couldnt be happier.

Want to thank my wife for putting up with me over the last 5 weeks.  The Opens were very stressful for me especially as I had made it my goal to qualify and had really focused my training to get there.   I walk away with my head held high as I gave it everything I had in each workout and I just fell short against these other monsters.   Hard work couldnt overcome my genetic limitations.  I made huge strides in my strength numbers this year.  I also want to thank Johnny Mac my coach for the focus and attention he gave me this year,  He went out of his way to make the gym accessible for me given my crazy schedule.  I also want to thank the athletes of Craic.  They were always supportive even though I was usually over in some corner of the gym suffering thru a solo workout.  I cant say enough about the community.  It makes me proud to put on the Craic shirt knowing that a whole legion of badasses have my back.   I also want to thank the folks who came into the gym on their "off" days to judge and cheer.   Thanks Christina for agreeing to judge whenever and wherever.

So I did 13.5 again today but it had to wait until after the opener of my first game with Medfield masters soccer team.  Made my debut as the holding midfielder.  They heard I was fit and wanted me to track back win balls and distribute.   Michael Bradley I was not. I covered a lot of ground but accomplished little. Too make matters worse I missed a golden opportunity to score. I had made a nice run and held up when I thought the guy missed seeing me and he played a perfect dummy ball and I was a step late for an open goal.   I would give myself a Player Rating  of 2 at best. I need to win a lot more more balls and distribute better. 

As luck would have it Jack Daly came into the gym with thoughts of doing 13.5 again.  He got 88 yesterday.  I knew that if I stayed close I might be able to improve my score.  I absolutely was going to follow Glen Waters feedback this time and break everything from the get go!  Got a good warm up and my legs which felt like wood when I came in were loose and ready to go.

3.2.1 Go
Thrusters - 5,5,5
c2b Pullups - 5,5,5
1:05 = Not that much slower than when I went unbroken, only 6 seconds.
Thrusters - 5,5,5
C2B - 5,5,5
2:35 - This was 9 seconds fasters even with bigger breaks

The money round - 
Thrusters - 5,5,5
got to the pullup bar at 3:45 same as before but with more gas.
got 6 straight!
 81 reps.  Not the 90 I really wanted but happy with it all things considering.

Im looking forward to a month of just working out with the class and being closer to the community.  Once we hit May I will start to train for the Masters event at Reebok at the end of June.   The weekend events are more to my liking.   I didnt really enjoy the stress of managing my travel schedule against the Opens.   I am considering whether I will do it again next year if the format stays the same.   I realize I am not a top 20 athlete so the toll it takes is probably not worth it.  I realize its all on me but thats my personality I cant do it just for fun.  Im either all in or not.  

My favorite photo of the OPENS!

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