Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jet-Lag & Hammer Light

Its always the day after the red eye when the lack of sleep catches up with me.  I was sound asleep until after 9am which is late for me.  Nice sunny day but still on the cool side with temperatures in the 40's.   It was going to be a cold one for Tristan's game at Millennium Park as its always windy on the top of the hill.   It ended up being calm which was good.  They tied again 0-0.

Got to the gym in the afternoon and wasnt sure what I was going to do since my wrist and knee are still bothering me.  I just wish they would heal up.  Its been well over 6 weeks since I have been fully healthy.   It was nice to be in the gym and have the whole place to myself and not be flipping out over 13.1,2,3,4 or 5

Warm-Up on the Airdyne


5 min AMRAP of 25 Double-Unders

Did this one and did alright but then went back and re-read the wod and realized it was suppose to be 25 unbroken.  Need to keep this one in my regular routine along with wall balls and box jumps.

Had planned on doing Hammer but while warming up I realized that my wrist and knee probably couldnt handle more than 3 rounds. This is  a tough one and I will have to try this one again.  Went butterfly in first round but then could only do kipping.

3 Rounds of Hammer -  with rest of 1:30 between

5 Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
5 Jerks
20 Pull-Ups

Rd 1 - 1:50
Rd 2 - 3:16
Rd 3- 3:26

Did a drive around after Church and Dinner.   A few photos of the drive.

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