Sunday, April 28, 2013

Best of Boston

What a day - Beautiful weather.   Kicked off at 8am with a soccer match against Needham. Nice to have a short drive to the  match as we played away at  Defazio field.  Bad news was we only had 3 subs and not our regular central midfielders against a strong Needham side.  I was leary about playing on the field turf but in the end it was fantastic.  Easy on the legs and the ball played true.  I played the entire first half and about all of the 2nd half except for a 5-7 min rest.   It was the first game I felt like I had my legs under me and was not tiring. I also finally starting winning some balls, tackling and distributing better.  Had a chance to score at the end and hit a nice volley off a cross but the keeper made a nice save.  My foot and psoas are still bothering me and I ended up tweaking my groin as well.  I doubt I will be fully healthy this season.

I was skipping the ramble this year which is always a bit sad as I have done it at least 11 times.  Its a great event for Dedham.  I snapped a few photos on the walk back from Church,

After the game we watched part of the James Joyce Ramble.  I was sad to miss it this year but no way I was ready to do a 10k.  Maybe next year.

The Tris and I headed to the Sox game.   We bought the tickets at a silent auction last night,  Great game.

 Ended the night by going to see the Bruins last regular season game with Susie - courtesy of Jack Daly.

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