Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Got a text Sunday from Anthony.  Here is the exchange -

Anthony - "Hi - You going to gym Tuesday?
Me - Yes I think I will
Anthony - I would love to do that workout with you
Me - Whats the Wod
Anthony - Nicole
Me - Oh yeh love it

So it would be a nice head to head.   My strategy is pretty dialed in on this wod.  Dont worry about the running at all.  Actually try to minimize the rounds so you arent spent from running.

20min AMRAP
Run 400m
Max Unbroken Pullups

I set up my board with my targets by round and got after it.

Round 1 - Monster 1st round gave me confidence.   40 reps
Round 2 - Good second round assured me I didnt over do it in round 1. 30 reps
Round 3 - Do I have enough left? Yep enough.
Round 4 - My forearms and biceps are jacked.  Can I get the 20 I need?  Yep 23!
Round 5 - Slow 400m - is it too slow will I miss a chance for another set?  Got in the door at 19:31. Took a breath and got on bar - Feeling good but time is running out fast - 17 reps.   just 3 off the target. 

Total 135 reps   10 more than my best.

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