Sunday, September 21, 2014

Road Trip

Tristan's game was in Western Mass - specifically in Lenox Mass.  A long 2 hour drive for a game at a summer camp called Camp Mah-Ke-Nac.  This part of the state is absolutely gorgeous and worth a return trip. 

Here is coach Jonny's game report:
 Vs . Stateline FC
I think yesterday really showed a game of two halves for the U12 Boys. We seem to be developing a bad habit of starting slowly and this is something I’d like to work on for the rest of the season. I know yesterday was an anomaly in terms of the long journey, but for the boys the game must start as soon as they arrive and begin warming up. In the first half we were very much second best and second to the ball. We lacked awareness and were clearing the ball only to relieve pressure and not to build an attack. While I certainly don’t feel the opposition were better than us, I think the boys were a little awe struck with the variety of the passes and movements on display.
At half time as you’ll have seen we had to make some changes and showed that when we limited their space, worked hard for the ball and actually began to press we looked much stronger and began to cause them problems. In the future this is how we must play every minute of every game if we’re to achieve our true potential. We need the boys to communicate, lead and support. 

I completely agree with the assessment the boys were at walkthru pace and made it so easy for the other team to dominate.  The 2nd half they pressured and made it really difficult. It was a different game.

Warm Up

The yawns should be an omen

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