Saturday, September 27, 2014

2nd shot

Rob Potash and I did this wod awhile back and I wanted to take another crack at it.  Good crew to go after with Rob P, Steve, Gormley and the Dennis 1 and 2.

 *Strict 20 minute time limit.
20 Hang Squat Snatches 115/75#
50 Double-Unders
30 Thrusters 115/75#
50 Double-Unders
40 T2B
40 Burpee Box Jumps
50 Double-Unders
30 Power Snatches 115/75#
50 Double-Unders
20 Bar Muscle-Ups (sub chest to bar pullups)

The first movement totally crushed me.  It was way harder than it should have been.

I made it thru 19 reps on the power snatches.   

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