Monday, May 8, 2017

Makena Crossfit

My visit to Makena Crossfit marks the 46th box I have dropped into.   This one is only a month old and it has some very interesting owners.   The head coach is Paul Romero. As soon as I saw him I knew that he was not a run of mill crossfitter.  He was completed ripped and leaner than most crossfit athletes.   We figured out we had a common connection, and when I spoke with our common friend he filled me in.   Paul is a world class endurance athlete,  He has competed and hit the podium in over 100 expedition adventure races on 5 continents for the last 12 years, climbed the 7 summits with his son, Jordan.  With all of that the guy is super humble and was 100% focused on helping every athlete get better.    That is not something that is very common in my opinion.

Metallica Chest Monday-

Warm Up
DNS- Dynamic Neuro Stabilization Work
Mid Line Activation-
SuperMan- Commando's,
Diamond P/U's 5x5
Bench/Bar Dips 5x5

Kill 'em All.

KB Bench 53/35 x2 
Close Grip Bench
8-8-8- (:02 Bottom Pause)
Super Set: Deficit Push Ups (45/25plates)

14 KBS (53/35)
100m Sprint (50m out/back)
14 Romanian Dead Lift (BarBell) 185/135


This was a good little wod.   First round everyone was tightly grouped going thru the run but the Deadlifts started to open the gap up.   I was pacing myself off of the wife of another salesforce employee who was crushing the wod.  She ended up dusting me but I finished 2nd and beat the morning score by a minute.

Afternoon Session:
Nice tailwind on the way out and then the way back was into a strong headwind the entire way.

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