Sunday, February 5, 2017

Salad Bowl & Death by 20m Row plus plain rowing

Salad Bowl: Mix it up
 First 2k: Warm up
1k-2k: Steady-state, half pressure
3k-5k: Rolling 100s
5k-6k: Steady state
6k-7k: Hard 1000m
7k-8k: Recover
8k-9k: :30 on / :30 off. 26 spm on the work, 22 spm on the rest
9-10k: Cool down


Death by rowing (20m)
With a running clock, row 20 meters the first minute, 40 meters the second minute, and so on until you cannot complete the prescribed distance for the current minute. Post your distance for the last (incomplete minute), and the total distance traveled.

Round 14 plus 200m


Then plain rowing = 8025

Total- 21,896

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